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Empowered Financial Planning & Analysis 


Why StarLifter


StarLifter connects all your disparate data points for a complete and accurate view in real time.

Clean Up

StarLifter sweeps out inefficiencies within your data and makes formatting easy for trusted consistency.


Empower your team to capture more valuable insights without requiring the technical expertise of a data scientist or developer. 


Captain your ship through interactive dashboards, reports, and charts to track KPIs, build out financial statements - all with just a few clicks. 


Integrate your data silos and share your actionable insights through real-time reports or automatic delivery - all with custom permission levels. 

Business leaders describe StarLifter as...

“the ability to "do it myself"... in other words, taking what we're doing today, and driving it faster and more efficiently. I can visually do what I've been doing, with better horsepower, and frees us up to do next level analysis. It is a strong alternative that is self-service & all-in-one, with the familiarity of a spreadsheet and the power of BI - finally giving us the insight we need to run the business... without a team of developers."”

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Common Inefficiencies Can Stall The Team

StarLifter removes the most common inefficiencies your team is dealing with. With StarLifter, you can aggregate financials across multiple entities and streamline your process with cleaner data that is simple to access. By combining all of your data sources, StarLifter inherently removes issues with formatting and duplicate data fields. And rather than being stuck in a manual process, your team can access beautifully visualized reports in just a few clicks.


Self-Service, All-In-One Alternative To BI Stack & FP&A Tools

Technologies may claim to be self-service, but that's only when it comes to chart building – and that’s the easy part. StarLifter is different, because we built it with a non-technical user in mind. StarLifter builds system integrations with the data you choose. We then create a data model, clean up and normalize the “dirty data” – and with a little more pull from StarLifter, you end up with a tool that’s functionally equivalent to an expensive data stack but without the exorbitant price tag. 


What More Can You Do? 

Your team does their best, but it takes quite a bit of time to get through clunky systems. StarLifter empowers you with an all-in-one tool that doesn’t require technical expertise. Build better reports and build better insights by simply dragging and dropping. StarLifter does it all for you with the data you already have. What more insights can you uncover?


The team at StarLifter is dedicated to empowering companies just like yours into the future by simplifying and democratizing the data you already have into actionable insights for your team. We have years of experience in the transformative power of data. We know the common pieces that get missed and how to create a visually stunning, user-friendly tool so you can lead your team ahead. We have developed a first-of-its-kind, no-code alternative that will change how you do business.

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