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StarLifter is on a mission to simplify and streamline data analysis for every scenario.  Our platform replaces the patchwork of solutions operators are using to get the insight they need to run their business.  This includes (1) business intelligence tools and their required data analysis stacks, (2) purpose-built point solutions, and (3) the dreaded spreadsheet supported by a team member. 


In short, we are the answer to the "there has to be another way" heard from most office suites and operations floors.


Founded in early 2022, we are based in Indianapolis with an office in San Diego.  We believe our bold vision may only be realized by attracting and retaining the right talent. 

Open Roles

Customer Success Manager

As an early member of our team, you'll have your hands in multiple sides of the business.  This role will help illustrate StarLifter's value during the sales process, lead clients through onboarding, as well as manage customer relationships.  If you are outcomes-oriented, thrive in variety, and get energized by helping others solve problems, this role is made for you.

Sales Development Representative

As an SDR on our team, your day-to-day work will revolve around reaching out & qualifying leads at the initial stage of the sales funnel and booking appointments for our team. The business will look to you as a strategic partner to the revenue team. You’ll be a pro at communicating feedback internally, with focus on the voice of our customer and where we should place our bets.

Account Executive

Check back soon!  This role will be focused on leading potential customers through our sales process.


Check back soon!  

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