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Giving business users the familiarity of a spreadsheet with the power of a BI tool.

Data analysis for everyone.

Powerful and simple

Enable everyone in your organization to do the analysis they need without spending weeks in training.

Better than BI

Business intelligence requires specialized skills, big budgets and implementation timelines measured in months. 

BI tools aren’t built to do reporting.  Meaning, regardless of how great the dashboards are, your users will be back in spreadsheets.  Use StarLifter as one platform for all of your data analysis needs.

Better than BI.png

More Powerful than a Point Solution

Point solutions solve one problem, for one department.  Meaning, cross-functional analysis will still end up in spreadsheets. 


Solve department-level problems while streamlining data analysis organization-wide.

Powerful than Point Solution.png
Simpler than spreadsheet.png

Simpler than a Spreadsheet

Remove the need for fragile formulas and complex calculations that only one person understands.  Streamline and simplify analysis with drag and drop tools.

The Best of Both Worlds

Business intelligence visualizes… but can’t build reports.  Spreadsheets allow you to report… but lack visualization.  Why choose? Give business operators one platform for the insight they need to run the business.


Ready to get out of spreadsheets and back to the work you love?

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