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Data analysis for everyone.

Giving business users the familiarity of a spreadsheet with the power of a BI tool.

Powerful and simple

Banish your data analysis backlog.  Enable everyone in your organization to do the analysis they need without spending weeks in training.   

Move forward... faster

Business intelligence takes too long to implement.  Purpose-built software fixes a symptom but not the problem.  And, continuing to rely on spreadsheets is too risky. 

Use one platform for all of your data analysis needs.

Connected and clean

Priorities shift, ERPs change, territories adjust and acquisitions close.  Business data is always changing.


StarLifter's practical approach to data acquisition allows you to quickly join data together, regardless of the source.


Visualize and analyze

Visualization tools make it easier to communicate but lack the power to do statistical analysis.

Build complex calculations, filter and group the results, publish charts to dashboards... all in one place.

Transparent and protected

Far too often, the risk of sharing the underlying, confidential data of an analysis outweighs the benefit.


With StarLifter, access and permissions can be fine tuned down to the user.

Flexible and

When it comes to data models, spreadsheets are too fragile and BI tools are too rigid. 


Thanks to its flexibility, StarLifter allows you to clean up, organize and analyze your business data.  


Ready to get out of spreadsheets and back to the work you love?

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