Business Insights

Financial Analysis

Dive deep into your financial data with our comprehensive analysis tools. Gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and drive financial success for your business.

Enable Better Decision Making

Quick Insights Into Your Sales Pipeline

Slice and dice your data however you want to see it.

Pipeline Forecasting

Predictive analytics to forecast future sales performance with confidence.  Insights into your pipeline's trajectory, enabling you to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

Revenue Projection

By analyzing historical data and current trends, you'll gain valuable insights into your business's financial health, enabling you to set realistic targets and develop strategic plans for sustainable growth.

Sales Funnel Analysis

Visualize your sales funnel and uncover opportunities for optimization. From identifying bottlenecks to assessing conversion rates, you'll gain valuable insights into your sales process, empowering you to streamline operations and maximize revenue potential.

Team Performance Metrics

Evaluate individual and team performance. From tracking key metrics like win rates and average deal size to identifying top performers, you'll have the insights you need to motivate your team, drive productivity, and achieve your sales goals.

Intuitive Insights

Holistic Financial Performance Analysis

Delve into every aspect of your financial health. From profitability and budget variance to cash flow and cost analysis, our platform provides the insights you need to optimize your financial strategies. Leverage forecasting and trend analysis to make informed decisions, ensuring sustainable growth and financial stability.

Profitability Analysis

Understand the factors driving your company's profitability with detailed analysis. Identify key drivers, assess margins, and optimize strategies to maximize your bottom line.

Budget Variance

Stay on top of your financial targets by analyzing budget variances. Identify deviations, pinpoint areas of concern, drill to transactional level details and take proactive measures to align spending with your financial goals.

Cash Flow Analysis

Gain visibility into your cash flow dynamics to ensure financial stability. Analyze inflows and outflows, anticipate cash needs, and make informed decisions to maintain liquidity and support business operations.

Forecasting and Projections

Harness the power of data-driven forecasting and projections to anticipate future trends and outcomes. Make strategic decisions with confidence, optimize resource allocation, and navigate market uncertainties effectively.

Cost Analysis

Identify cost drivers, analyze expenditure patterns, and optimize cost structures to enhance operational efficiency. Gain insights into cost-saving opportunities and streamline your business processes for sustainable growth.

Trend Analysis

Track financial performance trends over time to identify patterns, opportunities, and potential risks. Analyze historical data to forecast future trends and make informed decisions about resource allocation and business strategy.

Planning Workbench

Build Reports and Forecast Efficiently

Streamline your reporting and forecasting processes with our Planning Workbench. Our platform empowers you to easily create detailed reports and accurate forecasts, saving you time and effort while providing valuable insights.

Simplify Report Creation

Increase Productivity

Anticipate Future Trends

Welcome to the Future of Data Analysis

StarLifter is an all-in-one data analysis platform built with the familiarity of a spreadsheet. Slice and dice your data however you want to see it without a single line of code.