Consume and Connect

Combine Data from Everywhere

Integrate and analyze data from multiple sources with ease.

Real-Time Data

We Make it Easy to Consume Data

Our data analysis software allows you to effortlessly connect and consume data from various databases, spreadsheets, and cloud services.


We seamlessly connect to APIs via integrations, enabling smooth and consistent data ingestion from a variety of sources.

Scheduled Jobs

Precisely schedule the frequency of data imports from your source systems, ensuring timely and consistent updates.

Cloud Storage Integration

Integrate with cloud storage services to automatically synchronize and access your data from anywhere.

Data Entry

Easily input data manually directly into StarLifter.


Automatically import data into StarLifter by scheduling emails from your systems.


Upload spreadsheets to quickly and efficiently update your data.


Connect and Consume Data with Ease

Our data analysis software allows you to effortlessly connect and consume data from various databases, spreadsheets, and cloud services. With our user-friendly platform, even non-technical individuals can easily access and analyze data.


Schedule Data Uploads as Frequent as You Want.

Predictive analytics to forecast future sales performance with confidence. Our Pipeline Forecasting feature leverages advanced algorithms and historical data to provide accurate insights into your pipeline's trajectory, enabling you to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.


Connect to Your Cloud

By analyzing historical data and current trends, you'll gain valuable insights into your business's financial health, enabling you to set realistic targets and develop strategic plans for sustainable growth.


Input Information Directly into StarLifter

This approach ensures a robust and uninterrupted flow of data, enabling you to access and manage your digital assets with unparalleled speed and efficiency


Email Data On a Scheduled Delivery

Transitioning your data shouldn't be a roadblock. Our platform offers a hassle-free solution by allowing you to schedule email deliveries of data from other software directly into our system. This feature is particularly useful before API setups, ensuring uninterrupted analysis without the need for complex integrations. Simply set your schedule, and let us handle the rest, so you can focus on deriving insights from your data without the hassle of manual transfers.


Upload Spreadsheets into StarLifter

Our platform offers a straightforward solution—just upload your spreadsheet, and you're ready to dive into analysis


Join Together Data Seamlessly

Designed for simplicity, our intuitive interface allows you to seamlessly integrate various data sources, providing a unified view of your information. No advanced technical skills are required—just a few clicks and you can merge datasets to gain comprehensive insights and make informed decisions.

Join Data Together Efficiently

User-friendly Interface

Comprehensive Insights

Schedule Data Uploads

Update Data at the Frequency You Need

Schedule data uploads at your desired frequency to ensure your information is always current and reliable. Whether it's hourly, daily, or weekly, our flexible scheduling options allow you to automate data imports from your source systems. This ensures timely updates and reduces the manual effort required to maintain accurate data.

Custom Scheduling

Automated Process

Reliable Updates

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Welcome to the Future of Data Analysis

StarLifter is an all-in-one data analysis platform built with the familiarity of a spreadsheet. Slice and dice your data however you want to see it without a single line of code.