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Turn mindless work into meaningful outcomes.

Shorten the distance between question, answer and action.

Calculate or edit metrics

Without the need for complex formulas or submitting a ticket to IT.

Quickly compare metrics

To this time last year, last month, or last Monday.

Share insight with a teammate

Without password protecting tabs in a spreadsheet or creating a new dashboard.

Get your data real-time

Be done waiting to take action until the next report run.

Datasets with different names? No problem.

Bring data together from source systems and spreadsheets without spending hours aligning columns or time periods. Join allows you to connect data together.


Do away with fragile formulas.

Regain the hours spent perfecting a foot-long formula or performing a complex query. Calculations will help you build it right, the first time.


Get it together.

Simplify your comparisons and group data based on what matters most to your business.  Roll up allows you to aggregate data on the fly.

Roll up

Are you in or out?

Special syntax and complex functions make finding the right data time-consuming and difficult.  Use filters to include and exclude what matters most.


Bring data to life.

Illustrate complex data in a simple way for all to understand. Dashboards, charts and KPIs can be easily built and populated.  Easily visualize your curated data.

Data is better with friends.

Share valuable metrics and insight without needing a password-protected spreadsheet or spending hours cloning and customizing dashboards.  Share dashboards and data to get others involved.

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